Tender Notice for purchase of stationery, Misc items, consumable, non-consumable items, computer stationery items








Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Islamabad under Public Procurement Rules 2004 invites sealed bids from interested firms which are registered with income tax and sales tax authorities for the supply of Stationery, Misc. Consumable & non-consumable items for the financial year 2020-2021. The list of required stationery /miscellaneous items may be obtained from Gen (Section) of this Ministry during the office hours.



1.    Bids are required to be submitted item-wise clearly indicating rates (in Pak Rupees) against each item and should be valid till 30.06.2021. The rates should not be revised by the company. However, the procuring agency may extend contract period beyond 30-06-2021 till finalization of next tender. 
2.    Evaluation shall be made item wise and not composite.
3.    interested bidders should deposit Rs.60,000 as bid Security in shape of pay order in favor of DDO, Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Islamabad, which in case of unsuccessful bidders will be released / returned within a fortnight and in case of successful bidders after 30.06.2021. Cheque will not be accepted.
4.    Proof of NTN / GST registration with the FBR authorities should be provided with the bid.
5.    Proof that the bidder is on active Tax Payer list should be provided with the bid.
6.    A brief company profile, complete physically functioning shop/office address and telephone number installed in the shop/office should be provided with the bids. 
7.    On the basis of best quality & lowest rates successful firm will be bound to supply / deliver the goods even on short notice, using their own transport in New Secretariat (Kohsar Block) Islamabad at quoted prices.
8.    Competent authority will have the right to cancel the contract partially or entirely during the currency of the year. If items are found substandard or short in quantity or not supplied timely, the security deposit in  such a case, will be forfeited and the firm will be black-listed.
9.    In case the firm is found of misstatement, or provides refilled computer and photocopier toners, or delays supply of items beyond the period of 02 days or fail to provide the items of the prescribed standard or refuses to supply any item during financial year 2020-21, the tender shall be cancelled without any notice and the Bid Security will be forfeited. 
10.    The firm are required to quote for minimum 80 % of the listed document items otherwise the bid shall not be considered. 
11.    The procuring agency may reject all bids or proposals at any time prior to the acceptance of a bid  in accordance with  PPR, 2004.  

12.    At least 03 years’ experience in the relevant field and an affidavit that the firm has never been blacklisted by any Ministry/Division/ Department/ Organization of the Government is also required. 

13.    The last date of submission of bids shall be 17-09-2020 at 11:00 AM at the address given below and will be opened on the same date at 11.30 hours in the presence of available bidders.
14.  Firm shall be required to provide the samples of all the items before the Tender Award/Purchase Committee.
15.  The placement of order will be subjected to availability of funds.



                                                                                                                                                                                        (Khizar Hayat)

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                                                                                                                                                                                 Ministry of Maritime Affairs,

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