PSDP Projects

Gwadar Port is the future hub of transit & transshipment. 

Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the port has also been acknowledged as the Gateway overlooking to the world’s busiest energy corridor.

As a number of port related businesses have commenced within the port area, the businesses require accommodation and offices. Therefore, Gwadar Port Authority has developed the project to house commercial structures like Bank Branches, Stevedore offices, Agency Offices, Cargo Storage Sheds, Marine Repair Workshops etc. 

In addition, the complex houses health and recreational facilities as well.



CPEC support unit’s role is to plan, negotiate programs & projects and ensure effective implementation of matured projects at Gwadar Port. The CPEC support unit also provides oversight of CPEC Long-Term Plan, Transport Infrastructure Monographic Study, Gwadar Port Operation Plan, Gwadar Port Concession Agreement and Gwadar Port Free Zone Plan through enhancement of capacity of Gwadar Port Authority.


Gwadar Port is developing at a fast pace and it is envisaged that once the port is fully functional the port personnel and related officials will increase significantly in number. The existing Housing Complex will be insufficient to accommodate the entire staff. Hence, there is a pressing urgency to upgrade GPA Housing complex. The landscaped complex will include a community centre, schools, gymnasium and rehabilitation of existing structures. 

The project will provide fresh potable water to the Business Centre and also to the inhabitants living adjacent to the Business Complex through a Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant.



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