Facilitation of crew changes and repatriation of seafarers and maritime personnel's


Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi wrote a letter to the International Maritime Organization for resolution of the issue of repatriation of the seafarers.
 The letter stated that,
The seafarers had been recognized in a joint statement by IMO key workers and their facilitation in crew changes via ports and airports should be prioritized. The efforts of IMO to address the difficulties faced by seafarers globally and facilitating the seafarers who have completed their contracts to go back to their homes after a long period of duty onboard are laudable.
Theses challenging times have put to test both the physical and mental health of seafarers to test.
The IMO member countries have been requested by the federal minister to lift travel restrictions for Pakistani seafarers so that they can join their families back home.
The restrictions should be lifted regardless of the nationality of the seafarers furthermore, Federal Minister for Maritime affairs offered his assistance if required in this lieu.