Address by Chairman Infofish in 33rd INFOFISH Technical Advisory Board Meeting Day-1



Chairman Infofish


Officals from Member Countries, Infofish, FAO Technical Officers, Fisheries Scientists, Observers, Distinguished Guests, Ladies & Gentlemen.

Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening.

First of all, I would like to thank member states for nominating Pakistan for Chairmanship of infofish.

Nature has blessed the humanity with abundant resource of fish however nearly 90 percent of global fish stocks are either fully fished or overfished, as per the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). INFOFISH has a role to play in overcoming this depletion of fish stocks to save our future generations from malnutrition.

Fish "Rich food for Poor"; cheapest animal protein. It provides over 20% of animal protein to 2.6 billion people globally; on average it is 13% in developed countries, while in developing countries it is greater than 30%.

As the human population continues to grow, finding means to feed those people is one of the most important challenges aced around the globe. The role ot aquaculture in ensuring consistent supply of aquatic species for human consumption cannot be overstated. Technical advances have generally led to more efficient and economical fishing operations, reduction of the physical labour required per unit ot output and improved access to resources. This signifies the need to develop more effective fisheries management frameworks, together with safer and more environmentally-friendly methods of production, for example, in developing selective fishing gear, development of value chain, reduction of pre and post-harvest facilities globally, development of value addition technology and in designing aquaculture systems that reduce their impact on external environments.

It is to the satisfaction of the members that, as an Intergovernmental Organization, INFOFISH has successfully completed 33 years of service to the fishery industries in Asia-Pacific and beyond. INFOFISH started as an FAO regional project in 1981. I am happy to note that the Organization has expanded its activities over the years covering fishing technology, handling and processing, aquaculture, environmental studies and a wide range of projects and consultancies.

By taking this opportunity, I would like to request INFOFISH to initiate its intervention 1n Pakistan especially in the development and improvement of product value chain, development of shrimp aquaculture and product development, skills and strategy to reduce post and pre harvesting losses, develop value addition facility in Pakistan and development of channel binding relationship with potential market of fish and fisheries products.

Being Chairman, I assure all the member countries that Infofish will continue to support the member countries in the development of fisheries sector. I hope through this platform, the region will get maximum benefit, which will ultimately result into development ot fisheries sector in the region.

iam sure that the discussion during this meeting, INFOFISH will enlist areas which will further improve fisheries and aquaculture sectors in member countries.

Thank you.


Chairman Infofish/Federal Secretary, Ministry of Maritime Affairs
Government of Pakistan