The Next Step of Goal: France Government Refresh More Investment In Pakistan.

French automobile companies Renault and Pugeot has shown interest to invest of 200 million in Pakistan. Both companies are famous for producing luxuries, affordable and ecofriendly vehicles for transportation.
Mr Berty diatribe about the potential in people of Pakistan: “people in Pakistan have huge potential, France would stand with Pakistan to benefiting the potential” during the meeting with Ali Zaidi.
Expressing confidence in the future of Pakistan, the French envoy apprised the minister about French companies already operating in hydrocarbons and transport sector in Pakistan. “Pakistan has a trade surplus with France, while textiles, leather products, fruits and pharmaceuticals are its major exports,”  Berty said.

Ali Zaidi, the federal maritime affairs minister, gave a detailed overview of the projects the ministry was working on for the development of ports, especially in Karachi.

“The current government inherited an empty treasury and wretched economy, but timely efforts and right steps have brought visible changes at the macroeconomic level” said Zaidi.