Minister of Maritime Affairs Gains Comprehensive Insight into Ministry's Operations and Outlines Vision for the Future


Islamabad: The newly appointed Minister of Maritime Affairs, Communication & Railway Mr. Shahid Ashraf Tarar chaired a comprehensive briefing session at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs today. Additional Secretary Mr. Hassan Yousafzai briefed the Federal Minister. SAPM Maritime Affairs Vice Admiral (retired) Mr. Iftikhar Rao and other officials from the ministry also participated in the meeting

Mr. Shahid Ashraf Tarar  was briefed about various departments/ organizations operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. He was also given a comprehensive overview of the ministry's administrative, financial, and operational aspects, including insights into both ongoing and upcoming projects.

A substantial portion of the meeting was allocated to discuss the number of challenges being faced by the maritime sector. These challenges cover key areas including infrastructure development, establishment of frameworks and agreements, and the crucial matters of maritime security. The Minister of Maritime Affairs emphasized on the fishermen's welfare and appreciated the construction of Gryone Wall project - useful for promoting sustainable practices for both the fishing community and marine ecosystems.

The Minister of Maritime Affairs, Communication, and Railways expressed a resolute commitment to the revitalization of Gadani's ship-breaking industry through robust endorsement of IMO and the Hong Kong Convention. These initiatives are poised to drive safer, eco-friendly practices, and enhance regional economic growth.

The minister, acknowledging the importance of these challenges, emphasized the need for collaborative efforts and shared the resolve for the formulation of pragmatic and efficient strategic roadmap to address these challenges.

Central to the discussions was the shared vision for promoting the blue economy – a holistic approach that seeks to harness the immense potential of marine resources while prioritizing environmental conservation. The minister emphasized that the blue economy could serve as a catalyst for economic growth, employment generation, and technological innovation. Additionally, the minister underscored that the pursuit of a thriving blue economy wouldn't just enhance the nation's economic growth, but it would also reinforce the dedication to sustainable practices. The ministry's commitment to developing a comprehensive strategy to maximize the benefits of the blue economy was underscored during the meeting.

Speaking at the conclusion of the briefing, the Minister of Maritime Affairs expressed gratitude to the officials for their detailed and insightful presentation. He also appreciated the presence of SAPM who brings a life long experience of Maritime sector and has authored several books on Maritime sector. The session concluded on a promising note, with the minister pledging firm support to the initiatives that will steer the maritime sector towards prosperity.