Japanese Ambassador WADA Mitsuhiro visits Federal Minister Syed Ali Haider Zaidi to discuss the development opportunities in Maritime Sector

Islamabad: 22nd December, 2021


Federal Minister Syed Ali Haider Zaidi welcomed Japanese Ambassador WADA Mitsuhiro in Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Islamabad. Matters of mutual interest were discussed in the meeting. Minister proposed the Ambassador of Japan to set up a tax free zone in Port Qasim for the period of next ten years to boost investment and development for both the nations.

Minister highlighted the enormous opportunities in maritime sector of Pakistan for Japan. He reiterated that Pakistan is a country having huge potential in terms of human resource, fisheries, cheap labor and agriculture. He stressed that the vision of Blue Economy is opening new corridors for enlargement of progress not only for Pakistan but it also offers huge investments to Japan.

Minister assured the Japanese counterpart full assistance from Pakistan and elucidated the importance of recent coastal developments in Gwadar and Port Qasim. He further highlighted that there is a huge development going on in Port Qasim including a project worth approx. 150m to 200m in pipeline. The Government of Pakistan is going to announce building of three more terminals in the coming two months that will open huge way of investments for Japan.

Minister further discussed the provision of the export of Tuna to Japan. As Japan is one of the biggest consumers of Tuna and Pakistan has huge potential to provide the export in abundance to Japan. It will further prove fruitful for both the economies of Pakistan and Japan.

Minister thanked and praised Japan for always being a true friend to Pakistan.