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Mr Rizwan Ahmed is the Federal Secretary, Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Pakistan. A Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard University, USA. Mr Rizwan has been instrumental in devising a new shipping policy, designed to incentivize the expansion and development of shipping industry in the country.


Mr Jonathan Turner is a creative problem solver, leader of organizational transformation and a founding member of the Blue Economy solutions company - NLA International Ltd. Jonathan uses engagement and data to understand complex scenarios and to develop and implement solutions and services across marine and maritime domains.
Presentation: Jonathan-Blue Economy Webinar 07-Sep-21




Professor Alex David Rogers is a marine ecologist who has worked with governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations in publicizing human impacts, especially those from deep-sea fishing and climate change, and on the development of policy solutions to such problems.
Presentation: Alex-Blue Economy Webinar 07-Sep-21


Dr Cecile Brugere (MSc, PhD) has 20 years of experience in the analysis of socioeconomic, gender and governance issues associated with the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture. Cecile is one of the world's leading experts on gender issues in aquaculture and fisheries.
Presentation: Cecile-Blue Economy Webinar 07-Sep-21




Mr. Zafar Masud is the President & CEO of The Bank of Punjab. He has the unique experience of working across multinationals, public sector corporations, Government, multilaterals, and as an entrepreneur. Mr. Masud is a regular contributor to the local media on the topics of finance, economics, energy, etc.
Presentation: Zafar-Blue Economy Webinar 07-Sep-21


Mr Stephen Akester is a fisheries management specialist with over 40 years' experience in fisheries management in African, Middle East and South Asian countries in the design, preparation, implementation, and management of fisheries management and development projects.
Presentation: Stephen-Blue Economy Webinar 07-Sep-21




Mr. Khurrum Mirza has spearheaded a fleet development plan under which PNSC inducted two tanker vessels in 2019. He is also the project lead for implementation of a computer based shipping ERP for the integration of all major functions and computerized linkage of all PNSC functions and managed vessels.
Presentation: Khurram-Blue Economy Webinar 07-Sep-21


Dr Lucy Greenhill is an expert in ocean governance with over 16 years of experience of marine management, including public sector and academia. Her PhD addressed adaptive governance in marine systems and focused on institutional analysis of the functioning of marine governance across different scales and the role of interventions, including marine spatial planning.
Presentation: Lucy-Blue Economy Webinar 07-Sep-21


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